Are Chase Loans really good for you?

By | September 9, 2014

Chase bank has been in existence for over two centauries now, with a legacy that is unrivaled. We pride ourselves in a strong balance sheet, ability to manage risks and provision of unique solutions to our clients. It operates over 5,000 branches with more than 16,000 ATMs in the United States alone. With a dedicated and professional team, we approach business in a proactive manner giving our clients top quality services that are unrivaled.

Chase loans come in three distinct sub-braches namely personal banking, business banking and commercial banking. All the three areas offer unique loans that are tailored towards the customer’s satisfaction.

Chase Personal Loans

These are loans offered through Personal Banking Sub-branch. Chase loans under this sub-branch are tailored towards individual or personal solutions. There are four types of loans under this category. They include auto loans, mortgages, home equity, and student loan. Each of this is unique and focuses to provide a solution to different needs of a particular customer.

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Chase Auto loans.

This is one of the Chase loans which targets financing either a new car or a used one. The loan comes with competitive rates and is easy to apply. For those who want to buy a new car, they will find this loan very helpful given the easy steps of application process which is done online. This comes with competitive industry rates and discounts. It allows you to shop for the car of your dream.

Those interested in refinancing also have a loan here. Chases Bank Auto Loan for refinance also comes with low interest rates and has a discount. Under this arrangement, one can possibly reduce his/her car payment and save more money each of the month. It comes with convenience and security that leaves client smiling. Auto loans also offer private party car loans for those buying from an individual seller.

Chase Mortgages

Chase loans also offer a solution to those determined to buy their own homes. This can either be for a new home or refresher one. We will be able to get a customized mortgage rate quote just for you. The rates are highly competitive with the payment schedule that is adopted and accustomed to the client hence very convenient to pay.

If a client is to refinance his/her home, the mortgage provides a solution for this too. A client is provided with all the necessary information required to make a competent decision about refinancing. You will be helped into choosing the loans and your concerns answered in a satisfactory manner. The rates are also competitive and one can use the simple rate quote calculator to determine and compare the rates. This is among the tools provided over the Chase Bank home page.

Home Equity

Home equity is designed to help you finance those situations that you are not prepared for yet require huge sums of money that may not be readily available. Major expenses whether expected or unexpected can be financed by home equity. These include home remodeling, repairing home, purchasing a car, educational expenses or even living one’s dreams. All required under this financing is the collateral which comes in form of your home. This form of equity comes with competitive interest rates too. It can come in the form of a home equity line of credit which is a revolving and a variable-rate line of credit or home equity loan which is a fixed-rate loan that comes with a fixed payment schedule.

Both the line of credit and the loan come with great benefits that are unique to only Chase Loans. Some of the benefits include lower monthly payments, saving on taxes, customized payment schedules and options, quick access to your funds and ability to manage your account online.

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Private Student Loans

These forms of Chase loans come under Chase Select which is a private student loan program that is school-certified. It finances both the undergraduates, graduates and even the graduate health professional students. Either the borrower or the consigner should be a Chase customer who has a qualifying account or loan relationship. The funds will be paid directly to your school. The loan also comes with low rates of interest and no origination fees. The payment options are flexible and come in three forms namely, Immediate Pay, Interest-Only option and Deferred Repayment.

Chase Business Loans

A number of Chase Loans also come under Chase Business Banking Branch. These loans are designed to allow growth and profitability of a client’s business. They include business lines of credit, business term loans, SBA financing, commercial real estate financing, business credit cards, leasing and trade financing.

Business Line of Credit

This is designed to enable your business obtain working capital when needed. It provides a short term solution to sources of fund.

Business Term Loans

These include those Chase Loans that enables a client’s business obtains funds for purchasing capital goods such as machinery and equipment or payment of debts. Payment is long-term.

SBA Financing

This is financing targeted to small business administration and qualification is more flexible here. There is also flexibility in repayment terms and help start up companies grow.

Commercial Real Estate

It helps build your equity and also eliminate leasing uncertainties by allowing you to buy, build or refinance real estate.

Business Credit Card

This gives you convenient credit for daily business requirements. It also comes with low interest rates.


These are Chase Loans options that allow you to finance machine, equipment and even land for the purpose of your business.

Trade Financing

This majorly aims to make your international business much easier by facilitating payments of goods in the international trade process. It also provides a solution domestic market by guaranteeing payments and performance of obligations.

Chase Commercial Loans

This is the third branch through which you can obtain Chase Loans. It is designed to meet your everyday and long-term needs. It provides expertise solutions to meet the business-specific or market place needs. Loans under this include:

Asset-Based Leading

It offers financial solutions basing on the company’s asset base. This can be very large sums ranging from $5million to$5 billion.

Capital Raising

This option has a solution for raising capital for a business or an organization.

Community Development Banking

This is a branch specifically designed to provide solutions to the moderate and low income members of the society.

ESOP: Employee Stock Ownership Plan

This offers equity financing for the private companies through the employee stock ownership plans.

Equipment Financing

This area provides both the financing and the leasing solutions to help you acquire the equipment needed.

Global Trade

This is designed to mitigate the commercial, and country compliances while at the same time securing currency risks that results from international trade.

In conclusion therefore, Chase loans comes in all manners and will meet any of your financial challenge whether you come as an individual, a small business, a large commercial firm or even a multinational firm. These are tailored to meet your specific need.


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