Costco credit card review

By | August 10, 2014

There are a number of reasons for you to consider using the costco credit card. For those who might consider using the card they are able to enjoy a remarkably 2 in one membership. The card can be used both as a credit card and an American express. There are other services that also come with such cards. You are able to enjoy a wide range of benefits. One of the benefits includes a long warranty period as well as purchase protection.
There is a cash back guarantee when using this card. This is so when making purchases especially on a daily basis. You can also get up to 1 or 2 % cash back on purchases made on gasoline or travel. There is also 1% cash back on purchase made for over $40,000 in a year. For those who need to redeem and earn different rewards the procedure is actually quite simple. The card has different reward coupons once a year. With such kind of offer in place you are able to get your cash rewards at any Costco merchandise or warehouse in place.

Does costco accept debit cards ?

There are also other forms of payment that can be used which includes credit card, debit cards and American express. A number of people have been wondering does Costco accept debit cards.
Debit cards are commonly used especially when refilling gas at different gas stations. In most of the warehouses in Costco the debit cards are also accepted, there are some people who might ask themselves what credit cards Costco takes?. Many people opt to use their ATM or American express as their credit cards when making different kinds of purchases. There is guarantee protection on car rental loss or damage insurance when using such credit cards. The extended benefit covers a cars which are stolen, rented or those that are engaged in collisions. It provides a lot of savings for those who are travelling; this is so because using the credit card ensures that you do not incur any charges when converting the local currency before travelling.

costco credit card

Costco credit card fees.

The costco credit card also offers a zero rate on the annual fee; this is so for those who have registered as members. Getting the membership is also quite cheap; you can acquire membership for as low as $50. There are different emergencies that might occur when you are away from home, the credit card has set up different kinds of hotline where you can contact and get the necessary help you require. There is also a convenient way of acquiring different services when using the card; you can get hold with AmEx. These service is payable but when you use the credit card you do not incur any charges.
The credit card also offers a greater benefit on accidents that might occur while travelling. You are eligible to over $100000; this amount is used to cover you on deaths that might occur while travelling. Getting the details on the cover is also quite simple. There is different documentation on the card member where you can consult to get the required details. There is also a higher level of service for those who hold the credit cards.

Costco credit card Online Review.

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