Credit card holders – Useful Tips and tricks !

By | September 14, 2014

A credit card holder has become a new accessory in the men’s grooming. There are credit card holders and there are more credit card holders. Of course there are advantages for men and women who use credit card holders.

Some of them are

  • With credit card holders are  credit cards secure at one place.
  • The credit card holder makes it convenient to for all men to carry credit cards in a small valet bag.
  • The possibility of damage from carrying it into hip pocket was always there.
  • Since credit card holders  now go into a bag, the possibility of getting lost into the bag is obviated by using a credit card holder.
  • They might be also used to make a style statement depending on the way the credit card holder is made.
  • This is the way men make a statement compared to an alligator skin purse of a lady.
  • The credit card holder makes it convenient to carry all of them at one place.

The disadvantage is that if a single credit card holder is lost, then everything will be lost and a man might be similar to a man marooned on a remote island.

credit card holder

Materials of credit card holders.

This fashion accessory can be made from many materials. Each material has its own advantage and disadvantages
Aluminum: By far the most popular material for making a credit card holder makes the holder lighter and also provides sufficient protection against magnetic rays from which the cards might get damaged. The electromagnetic radiation from mobiles cannot penetrate the aluminum and thus the magnetic strip is protected. The down side is ugly scratches from keys in the bag makes one throw the holder in dust bin immediately.

Steel: Steel also affords protection similar to the aluminum and has more scratch resistance compared to aluminum but also makes it more costly.
Other materials that are also used are leather, plastic and silicon. Silicon and leather have better demand compared to that of plastic.
Prices: Being a fashion accessory, the price refuses to be a point in purchase. The prices may range from US$ 20 to US$ 70. There are no strict rules for pricing the product. The cost of the material that goes into it and processing cost visa-a-vis the selling cost refuses to have a linear co-ordination. The maximum noted price for Prada credit card holder is about 200 US$.
Are these prices for credit card holders  justified? At the first glance there is no justification of the prices, but at the same time since it is touted as a fashion accessory, it refuses to get into a price zone. A simple one with US$ 5 tag may work the same way as one with a US$ 200 tag, the pride of the owner is included in the price tag.
When you look at it from that point of view, the field gets distorted and ‘I can purchase because I have money’ becomes a point of argument.
At one stage the visiting card holder had a place of pride in a man’s world, now it seems it is taken over by a credit card holder. It seems, fashions do go around and come back.

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