Embrace home loans- A trusted name in the mortgage industry

By | October 27, 2014

Embrace Home Loans Inc. has been offering diverse kinds of financial services to the customers since
1983. ‘Advanced Financial Services’ was its former name, but the company changed its name to Embrace
Home Loans, in order to provide better clarity regarding the range of services and the products offered by
them. This company offers services related to mortgage financing for homeowners. Whether one is looking
forward for loans related to a new house, or one is looking forward for availing loans for home renovation,
the company simply fits the bill. Apart from home loans, it also engages in providing loans related to college
education, consolidation of high-interest debt, refinancing current mortgages, etc.

Accolades for Embrace Home Loans.

Embrace Home Loans is recipient of various awards as they always put their best foot forward when
it comes to providing excellent customer services. Their highly efficient and ethical workplace culture is
another thing that makes them stand out from the rest. With so many feathers in their caps, Embrace Home
Loans ratings is A+, which is awarded by the trusted Better Business Bureau. From being just another
company in the mortgage industry to gradually becoming a trusted name, Embrace Home Loans has
certainly come a long way. Creating a trusted name is not a difficult task, but maintaining the credibility is
certainly no cakewalk. The main aim of the company is assisting people in realizing their financial goals. It
appears that it has garnered an experience of offering impeccable services to the customer because it has
always laid a strong emphasis on adopting customer-centric attitude. It has its branch offices across different
parts of the U.S. It has bagged license for expanding its business in approximately 46 states.

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Diligent staff at your at all times

In a service sector, employees are the true assets of any company and the same goes in the case of Embrace
Home Loans. This company is well-equipped with talented professionals who possess a knack of offering
impeccable services to the clients by selecting the appropriate home loan service after properly analyzing
any situation. These personnel not only possess the right knowledge and sufficient experience, but also
possess a can-do attitude. Due to the same, they are competent in thinking out of the box for formulating
innovative solutions; irrespective of the level of the complexity of the situation and are capable of offering
the best home loan rates.

One to one consultation for each client.

It is apparent that every single client, who approaches the company deals with a unique kind of situation and
his goals differ from other clients. In that manner, the efficiency of the company lies in offering innovative
tailor-made solutions and Embrace Home Loans is an expert in the same. It provides the facility of tracking
the status of a loan. A client simply requires filling its confidential form and the specialist of the company
promptly begins lending his assistance in getting quick loan approval. It is no exaggeration to say that
the company’s non-judgmental and unbiased attitude towards its customers, has further paved the way for
reaching it towards the top position in the industry.

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