Manage and monitor your finances in an innovative way through Google finance portfolio

By | September 6, 2014

Managing a financial portfolio has become extremely convenient through the assistance of modern software programs. Google finance portfolio is one among those contemporary programs that facilitates its user to track his or her finances in an accurate manner without wasting valuable time. However, a user can access Google Finance portfolio only when he is signed in either into his Google account or other Google services. Tracking market quotes and stocks was never easy and quick as it is with Google finance portfolio. Are you still wondering what it is all about? Well, in order to understand about it, you first need to be familiar with a portfolio tracker. It is that tool which facilitates the investors to keep a track of the performance of the investments made by them, in just one single glance. When a user opens his account with a broker, the same is setup with the portfolio tracker of a broker. It records all the transactions and gives accurate records regarding the gains and the losses.

Google Finance Portfolio provides all the security you will need.

A stock portfolio tracker is gaining immense popularity due to the security offered by it. Through its assistance, it is possible for an investor to monitor the performance of his investment on a regular basis that too without being bothered about the malicious Malware or any misuse of information related to the login id and password. Portfolio trackers like Google finance, provide an effective solution for keeping fraudulent practices regarding confidential financial information at bay. They make it possible by offering the solution in the form of a dynamic portfolio tracker that provides fast, powerful and convenient way to generate, maintain and monitor personal portfolio of mutual funds and stocks.


What makes Google Finance Portfolio standout?

There are numerous appealing features that compel investors to opt for Google finance portfolio. It is possible for investors to maintain numerous portfolios in Google Finance and every single portfolio can accommodate round about 200 transactions. Entering transaction is extremely hassle-free with this tracker. Investors can also avail the option of importing existing portfolios from CSV files or OFX files or they can enter the transaction information by manually entering them into the portfolio. Investors can also create a ‘what if’ portfolio from the current quote list of stocks in a single click. Google finance portfolio contains the most familiar types of investments that include stocks traded on the leading United State exchanges, reputed stocks indulged into foreign exchanges, mutual funds, ETFs, over the counter. However, Google portfolio is yet to accommodate CDs, bonds and options.

A portfolio tracker by Google is commendable when it comes to extending the convenience and ease of handling monthly and quarterly dividends and stock splits in the cash account. The interface responsible for entering the transactions is extremely user-friendly, innovative and interactive. It does feature an option of drop-down list and the same option can be availed for any kind of activity including buying, selling, sell short or buy to cover. It also features a dynamic pop-out calendar, in order to facilitate investors to select the date of transaction. This portfolio tracker offers four preset screens including Fundamental, Transaction, Overview and Performance. All these screens are effective in providing the various evaluation tools and financial data of basic nature in a tabular format.


Google Finance Introduction to Portfolios

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