Disclosing The Best Ways To Save On Gas & Cut The Consumption With ARCO Credit Card

By | May 18, 2015

In a world where most things float around the black gold (oil), it makes perfect sense for people to try to preserve it as well as they can. However, they do not actually worry about the oil, but about the gas consumption. Practically, gas prices keep going up round the clock. Sure, there have been some fluctuations over the past years due to the oil crisis. But then, costs keep going up regularly. Buying cheap gas for your car might look like the ideal solution then. At the same time, saving on your current load is just as handy. Unfortunately, plenty of people have no clue what to look for and how to react. After all, the lack of education is probably the biggest expense in the process. Then, what are the best ways to save money on gas?

Getting an ARCO credit card

An ARCO credit card is by far the quickest and most convenient to save money on gas. The good news is that the card no longer has that classic fee. ARCO is one of the first providers to clear the fees. No matter what you pay with, the price will always be the same. Paying by credit card is a third option that makes gas even more convenient. Stick to whatever works for you. Do pay attention to the special offers too. Some customers might qualify for specific bonuses, depending on how much gas they purchase. Keep in mind that an ARCO credit card will not work in other gas stations.

arco credit cad

Driving, not racing

As if the ARCO credit card would not be enough, driving like a sane person is also a good way to save gas. Sure, no one wants to get stuck in a traffic jam for hours. At the same time, you do not want to drive 30MPH on a road trip either. But then, adopting an aggressive driving style will ruin everything. If you accelerate like you are on the racetrack when leaving the traffic light and you break out of nowhere for the next one, you will pay for this style. On the other hand, accelerating slowly and braking progressively will cut the fuel consumption with up to 35%. Sure, it depends on what car you have. Worried about your driving style on the highway? Cruise control is probably the best way to do it. Forget about fluctuations, so stick to one speed only.

Timing your pump trips like a pro

You do not have to be a genius to realize that costs tend to go up before weekends or holidays, since there are obviously plenty of drivers on the roads. With these ideas in mind, getting gas on a Wednesday or Thursday morning is probably the best idea. Do it early in the morning. That is when most stations set the prices for the day. It is also in the middle of the week, so costs will not be influenced by weekends. If you also use an ARCO credit card, you “risk” getting an even better deal.

There are more simple tips to save gas, yet they require more attention:

  •  Using smartphone applications to check gas prices in your area
  • Considering gas rewards cards
  • Keep the car as lightweight as possible

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