Review of the wawa credit card

By | March 1, 2015

The Wawa Credit Card offers users great cash rebates on car fuel purchases, fresh food merchandise, or any other products that are sold at Wawa retail stores. It’s a great way to save on gas if you reside near a Wawa center. Their stores are found in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Whether you decide to use cash or credit to make your payments, service delivery remains the same and officials are committed towards providing clients with the best fuel prices from the domestic stations. This credit card specifically provides you with 10% rebates on store purchases and 2% rebates on procurements anywhere else within the initial 60 days. After these 60 days, you shall get 3% rebate on purchases at all Wawa stores including 1% rebate on other retail centers.

wawa store

What does one get for signing up?

The total cash rebates you earn with wawa credit card is limitless, they also provide you with a free Shorti sandwich immediately after making the first purchase. This tag has no yearly fees, however, the general interest rate isn’t ideal for carrying around a balance, so it would only be appropriate to ensure that all monthly bills are paid in full and carried forward.

Customers will also get an interest-free initial period perk on balance transfers done for the first 6-months, though there’s still a minimal balance transfer cost that is associated with this particular offer. Card application can easily be done online by logging onto their official website.

Wawa Credit Card

Fuel options designed to meet your needs

To serve customers better there are different products that they can choose from, 3 grades of gasoline to be specific. Some stores carry diesel-fuel while others have just the ethanol-free gasoline, however Wawa is planning to offer both of them at their stations in the very near future.
Zero credit surcharges

Some places tend to advertise one fuel price but again charge another when one decides to pay using credit card. Here things are different, whether you make payments through cash or wawa gas card you are always guaranteed the same low prices.
Responsibility to customers
In case your vehicle develops mechanical issues caused by the fuel, injected, though this rarely happens, they will pay for all repair costs. Your car shall be serviced by a professional technician who’s qualified to identify/fix all the fuel-related problems. Note that all qualified technicians from this company have A8 certification from the Institute of Automotive Service Excellence or IASE, they will definitely do a good job on your vehicle.

This product offers users an intelligent and convenient way of managing fuel consumption, including maintenance needs, track-driver spending and monitoring vehicle fleet activities. The fuel contains powerful detergent cleansing additives which help in cleansing your engine while driving, hence aiding in reducing carbon emissions. It’s specifically formulated to meet and even exceed stringent EPA and auto-manufacturer quality standards. Wawa quality tests their fuel on-site using state-of-the-art apparatus to deliver, stock and dispense only the best grade of fuel. For quality deals when buying gasoline for your vehicle consider joining the wawa credit union. Registration is fast and easy as it can be done through the web.

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