The Secured New Millennium Credit Cards

By | February 10, 2015

New Millennium Bank is a community bank located in New Brunswick and Somerset. It is committed to the very core of its foundation and that of its employees in providing the most comprehensive and reliable financial services. Their goal is to oversee your success in your personal financing, that of your business and the entire community. This article will help you understand new millennium credit cards .

The bank will be marking its 16th anniversary later this year in July. Having been open for nearly 16 years, the bank can boost of impressive financial achievements over the years. It can also boost for its wide range of financial services that aim at improving the lives of its customers and the community. The bank has put the customer first in the process of developing different products with its interest being to create customer convenience. It is because of this obligation to the customer that led to the bank instituting online banking in 1999. In addition, it has continuously improved its systems and upgraded them to be highly competitive in the rather competitive banking industry.

New Millenium Credit Cards

Among the wide range of products and services provided are; both consumer and mortgage loans and collecting customer deposits at the allocated branches. Its efforts in ensuring quality services are delivered are not limited to the services provided but also to their New Millennium Bank family of staff. Their employees are adequately qualified and sensitive to the individual requirements of all our customers. Their products are not only competitive in terms of service delivery but in terms of pricing as well. One of the incredible principles of the bank is its commitment to continually grow and improve both its customers and community. The bank also recognizes its role to the community around it and hence, ensuring that it complies with its corporate social responsibilities

New Millennium Bank credit card – What do you need to know?

Among its many notable and highly delivered financial services is the New Millennium credit card. The bank offers one of the most competitive packages in terms of its credit cards. For customers who are considering building their credit status from scratch and those looking to rebuild a damaged credit reputation then  this credit card is the right pick. It is a secured credit card that doubles the chances to achieve a good score in a much lesser space of time compared to that of another company. The  credit card will help you climb the ranks to the heights of customers with an impressive credit.

new millenium bank

Application for a New Millennium Credit Card

The application process is as equally easy as all the other banking applications. A fee of $99.95 will be enough to have your New Millennium credit card processed. If your preference is to have both the MasterCard and Visa cards then a fee of $129.95 will cover the processing charge.


Other charges:


  • Cash advance rate 19.5%
  • Cash advance fee 2%
  • Late fee $20


The Credit Card bears several benefits and privileges to the cardholder. Among them are; insurance on travel accident, insurance on car rentals, membership to a travel club will be provided freely. These are just but a few to mention. Apply for the New Millennium Credit card today to enjoy more of these benefits.

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