Assessing The Most Popular Types Of Travel Credit Cards

By | August 6, 2015

Whether you use your travel credit card to pay when renovating your home, upgrading equipment for your business or engaging into long shopping sessions, you do need to relax once it is all over. No matter what kind of project you involve in, give yourself a break at the end of the year. After all, how do you plan to use those bonus miles? The more you learn about these miles, the more surprised you will be. People benefit from all kinds of free travel opportunities. Visit some of the best rated European countries, check out the Asian culture or enjoy the exotic South America or wild Africa. Sure, your options are countless, yet it depends on your spending habits. All in all, learning about the most common types of travel credit cards is the first step in getting there.

travel credit card

How to choose the best credit card for travellers?


Discovering airline specific credit cards


If you like traveling a specific airline for one reason or another, it might be worth getting the airline’s travel credit card. Most airlines have specific credit cards that offer free travel opportunities in the long run. At the same time, chances are you will get a sign-up bonus as well. It is usually good enough to take a free flight right away. Travel perks may also kick in every once in a while. Priority boarding, extra credit for miles, free check-ins and so on. Sure, all these facilities vary widely from one airline to another. Sometimes, it might be worth giving your fidelity up and going with another airline, especially if its special offers are more appealing. Just make sure that you get a credit card which matches your spending habits and travel necessities.


Analyzing general travel cards


A general travel credit card is even more sophisticated. There are so many of them that you barely know what to choose. The interesting part is that they all try to compliment your money in one way or another. Some of them provide bonuses as soon as you sign up. Some others offer exquisite rewards if you spend a particular amount of money within the first few months. All in all, they give you bonus miles as you pay for flights and other associated travel services. It makes no difference if you rent a car, book accommodation or perhaps purchase a museum tour ticket. If you would rather like money and discounts, cash back credit cards are highly recommended.


Exploring hotel specific credit cards


To some people, the flight is the least important consideration when traveling. Instead, they are more concerned about the accommodation, which is often more expensive. In the attempt to follow these trends, plenty of hotels release specific credit cards for their units. For instance, some of them offer bonus points if you charge a specific amount of money within the first few months. Some others give you a free weekend as soon as you sign up. Each purchase gives bonus points, which add to the travel credit card and can be redeemed later for accommodation and other facilities.


In any of these situations, look for a few general specifications:


  • Annual fees
  • APR
  • Foreign transaction fees
  • Credit score impact

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