Collateral loans- Comparatively a convenient way to seek loan

By | October 5, 2014

Collateral loans have been among the few fascinating concepts in the context of loans. This kind of loan is also widely known as a secured loan. It is that category of loan wherein a creditor possesses the right to sell that asset, in case if the borrower fails to repay the loan, which has been offered by a borrower to a creditor for approving the loan amount. Such kind of loan is offered at comparatively lower interest rate than an unsecured loan, since there is involved a guarantee related to the repayment of a loan in a form of a collateral security. Generally, there are various kinds of assets that are being used by a borrower for repayment of loan. These assets include automobiles, insurance policies, stocks, bonds, cash accounts, real estate property, valuables and collectibles, etc. A borrower needs to pledge assets as a component of personal guarantee.

Collateral loans

Collateral loans are preferred by lenders and borrowers alike.

This kind of loan may also be approved on the basis of expected returns on some collateral security like imminent gains from harvested crop or expected gains from any kind of personal investment. It is no exaggeration to say that collateral loans have emerged as a convenient option for majority of the borrowers, especially those who face diverse kinds of budget constraints. It is also less expensive and applying for the same is comparatively more convenient. Not only borrowers, but it also appeals lenders or bankers as the risk of losing money in case of nonpayment by borrowers, gets minimized.

Some key points to keep in mind while applying for unsecured loan.

Generally, lenders prefer to offer smaller amount of money in comparison to the estimated value of the pledged asset. By doing this, lender improves the chances of getting all the given loan amount back in case of the declination of the investment value. Due to any circumstances, if assets lose their original value, a borrower may require to pledge few more assets, in order to continue availing the benefits of a collateral loan. There are also few kinds of collateral loans that are aimed towards those borrowers who have poor credit history. However, such loans are relatively far more expensive in comparison to usual collateral loans and a borrower should only apply for such kind of loan in utmost emergency. A borrower should never apply for such loan without acquiring proper understanding of all the liabilities and weighing all the pros and cons. There are few valuable tips; a borrower needs to pay attention to, prior to applying for a collateral loan.


  • First and foremost, he should only seek that much amount of loan that is genuinely required by him. If he would take excessive amount of loan, he would have to pay more money for long duration.


  • Doing a comparative evaluation of the deals offered by various banks and financial institutions will give him a better clarity regarding the loan terms and conditions, and he would be able to figure out the most lucrative deal.


  • Understanding the manner, in which interest rates have been designed, will help him save money in the long run as it would be sensible for that loan which contains lowest interest rate.


  • An evaluation regarding the additional charges of a loan will help him to access a big picture in a clear manner and thus, he will be able to avoid paying extra amount.


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