EVO Merchant Services – What Offerings & Products To Expect For A Merchant Account

By | January 12, 2016

EVO Merchant Services came to life in 2003, after more than a decade of evolution under a different name. In 2012, the service opened its doors toward international clients as well. These days, it is responsible for more than half a million merchants, dealing with over $50 billion on a yearly basis. The company grew at an amazing rate over the past years. Today, its products are resold by many banking institutions as well. The service is available in Europe and North America. The long time in business has given EVO the opportunity to expand its products and portfolio, only to tackle as many common necessities as possible. Then, what should you expect from it?


Exploring the merchant accounts from EVO Merchant Services


Starting a merchant account over EVO Merchant Services can become a great upgrade if you have used other providers before. If this is a first choice, you can congratulate yourself for a great decision. The service is transparent and provides crystal clear fees and rates. Rates vary widely and depend on several factors:


  • Your length in business
  • Credit scoring
  • Amounts of sales over the Internet
  • Income


While you can compare merchant accounts online, a direct estimate can provide more individualized results.

Evo merchant services

Logo of the company


Disclosing the funding program

Apart from the merchant account, EVO Merchant Services is better known for the top-notch funding program. Unlike its competition, it guarantees for an accelerated result. In fact, you can opt for an emergency service and get next day funding. Just because it is not an emergency, it does not mean that merchants will wait forever. Funding is still fast and only requires a few days. Although some people complain about this fee for speedy processing, most customers agree that it is nice to have the option. After all, emergencies can arise when least expected. Most services out there rely on such special offers.


Considering the integrated payment platform


The integrated payment platform from EVO Merchant Services is not too old. In fact, it is quite fresh when compared to other similar platforms. It has made it out of beta in 2014 only. These days, it is widely available for full uses. It has received constant upgrades overtime too. Customers can find it as EVO Snap*. The asterisk is part of its official name. The software took months to develop. It is neat and user friendly, but also intuitive. Even if this is the first integrated payment platform you use, you will get used to it in no time.


A few other services and products available from EVO Merchant Services include:


  • Payment getaway
  • Diversified billing program (known as EVO eZpay)
  • Check services
  • Gift cards
  • Loyalty programs


As a short final conclusion, EVO Merchant Services tries to provide as much in-house service as it can. There is something for everyone out there. The proprietary products are built with the customers’ necessities in mind. However, since different merchants have different expectations, it does pay off to consider other front running services and check their services as well.


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