Hilton Credit Card – Do you really need it?

By | September 3, 2014

Hilton credit card normally comes in three different types;

  • The American expresses.
  • Hilton credit card (Hilton HHonors Visa card).
  • The Citi credit card .
  • The AmEx Hilton card.

The above listed three Hilton cards are almost similar in all ways but each comes with its unique listing of offers, rewards and perks and with the most noticeable difference being the annual fee charged. In this case the AmEx Hilton and Citi Hilton Credit Visa do not normally charge and Surpass charges some fee and normally costs $75/year.

What do you need to know about Hilton Cards?


The best Hilton Credit card is not clearly known but The American Express Hilton HHonors credit card appears as in terms of its annual charges and also its capability to offer about 50% extra rewards in every regular and common spending and also in terms of some item like grocery and gas the card offers almost 100% more benefits.
Moreover, for the starters, the Surpass come with about 60,000-entries normally referred to as the signup bonus, On the other hand the two other cards offer 40,000 only. But Surpass also has got the highest benefits rates of all the grants cardholders and with a admiring Priority Pass association valued 99 dollars and that is for access to more than 500 airport lounges across the worldwide.


Hilton Logo
The important requirements With the new card is a clear signature and will be accepted in all destinations overseas with only condition that you are within the beaten parts and regions
However, on Chip set technology and with no foreign exchange charges , a premium Hilton Visa has been designed to be able to appeal particularly to out of the country travelers.
It is a Credit card made with magnetic strips making it complex and challenging to outside the United State like Europe which has began to adopt the technology of “chip and pin” cards from the year 2004 of which about 80 countries has adopted and already using it, while some US card issuers such as Citi and Chase are now finally joining it.


Benefits of  Hilton Credit card.


Using the Hilton card always to do purchases and other possible transactions can help to Earn Bonus and Points on every purchases right from phone bills to groceries, and which can then be redeemed to ones points for daily rewards
One signing up, one will get three credit card entries for every dollar on only and mostly on regular spending whereby each dollar of has eligible procure at and from any joining hotel within the Hilton Honors card portfolio of varieties. Becoming a Credit Card holder you can enjoy all Gold status annually which cost 95 dollars.
Hilton Reserve Credit Visa tenders Nice perks to and for any frequent and common traveler, While one is here or overseas, there a sign-up additional benefit of a particular two free weekend and some night hang about on $2500 used up and at any Hilton assets, which includes the Waldorf Astoria and also a guaranteed free weekend night every year after spending $10,000 of all charges. In this case, The Visa card earns ten HHonors entries points for every dollar spent at Hilton property and other five points for every dollar spend on car rentals and airfare and finally not less than three points on everything other thing spend.

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