Providian Credit Card- The best credit card in the market!

By | August 12, 2014

The concept of credit card has surely been the most fascinating and at the same time most controversial as well. As more and more people are being attracted towards the convenience and ease offered by credit cards, there has been a rise in the number of companies offering credit cards too. Providian Finance Corp. is one of the most admired credit card companies in the U.S. This institution has been successful in carving out a niche for itself in the domain of credit cards by offering credit cards to those people, whose requests have been turned away by other companies due to meager income and poor credit card history. It is no wonder that in a very short span of time, this company created a place for itself in the market by giving a ray of hope to the disappointed people with Providian credit card.

Why are Providian Bank Credit Cards So Awesome?

This company has had its own share of ups and downs, from being one of the frontrunners in the market, to suffering major losses; they have seen it all. However, things started improving for the company after it was acquired by Washington Mutual Bank in the year 2005. Washington Mutual Bank is a resourceful financial organization, having a strong foothold in the domains of home loans, retail banking and commercial real estate. Apparently, the strong backing of this bank further paved the way for strengthening of card reputation.
There are diverse sorts of Providian Bank Credit Cards available that include basic card, partner card, Providian Gift Cards. Basic card offers great features to its customers from no annual fees to initial 12 months without interest on balance transfers. Partner cards are meant to offer convenience to those organizations that are a partnership firm. There are various kinds of sub-cards in this category, like the Human rights campaign, HSN rewards visa, Democratic party visa, North American membership group visa etc. This card is meant for those people who want to gift their friends and family.


How to apply for Providian Credit Card?

Anyone interested in applying for a credit card can apply on the website of this credit card or the website of Washington Mutual. In case you are puzzled about deciding the most suitable credit card option, it is recommended that you read the customer reviews in order to know about the benefits and flip sides, both. There is no doubt that after receiving a strong backing from Washington bank, the quality of customer care services  has truly improved.

providian credit card
There are many features due to which this credit card became successful in grabbing the attention of potential customers instantly. Those features include instant approval related to credit card, a wonderful grace period of 12 months to clear debt with no accrued interest, no annual fees, an access to the credit store to the customers, an option to the customers to monitor their credit rating without making requests to the credit bureaus, fascinating credit card discounts at reputed restaurants and retail shops. Well, there is even a lot more for those customers who don’t surpass their credit limit. This bank credit card bestows numerous amazing deals on various products and services enjoyed by such customers. In a nutshell, Providian credit card is truly an amazing credit card option, featuring plenty of great features that beat any other credit card out there.


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