Think twice about Walmart Credit Card!

By | August 28, 2014

If you are looking for the best prices and discounts your will probably go to WalMart. You will probably see these discounts everywhere. If you love shopping in WalMart, you will probably like they well known credit cards called Walmart credit card.

What is WalMart credit card about?

I have tried walmart credit card during Christmas season. Well I did not have enough money but I was able to use WalMart credit card anyway. Because it was more than easier doing payments with this credit card. And what was my credit card limit? I was given limit about $500. Having a WalMart credit card made everything easier especially spending my money for gifts for my family and friends. But the worst thing was that I didn‘t realize how much money I have already spent for things which I bought. Payment statement was sent to me via mail.

Walmart Credit Card

What are  the WalMart credit card fees?

If you have credit card you have to pay about $19 per month. Then I have realized that my monthly fees gone up. About $28. Then I checked my statement and I have seen that my balance went from $500-$593. If you experienced something like that you will probably do not want go to WalMart for the next few months.But this is not all because I have noticed that charge on my statement was three dollars.

After that I have never went to Wal-Mart again . It is clear that I was late and they gave me a late fee charge. Why is it higher than monthly payment? There are also other big WalMart credit card fees. For example 9.32 dollars for security fee. I think that security fee on this kind of credit card  is more than ridiculous. And what is the next big WalMart fee? It‘s also finance charge which is about $13.25.


When you are doing business the big corporation like Wal-Mart you will expect that they will threat the customers little bit better.


What is the interest rate of WalMart credit card?

The interest rate is  about 27.49%  . Do not you think that this is a little bit high? Please if you are thinking applying for WalMart credit card be very careful and think about that really seriously. I have given you many reasons why you shall not apply for this credit card from Wal-Mart company. In conclusion there is high interest rate, big and late charge fees and also big disadvantage is security of WalMart credit cards. This is all from my credit card review stay tuned to

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